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No less fascinating is the view Adelstein provides into Japanese society itself.

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A journalist is supposed to observe and report his story, not become part of it. He packed up and left Japan with his story. Because Japanese law regards the yakuza gangs themselves as legal entities, the yakuza is expert at hiding in plain sight.

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It titillates, but at a steep price. Writing his story could get Adelstein killed, but it was the only weapon he had that could stop Goto. Reviwed by Dan Scheraga.

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His overexposure to commerce masquerading as intimacy jades him and burns him out. Adelstein re tonight at Seattle's University Book Store.

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Yakuza heavyweight Tadamasa Goto had sold out his own gang to the FBI in order to receive a liver transplant in the U. That changed when Goto came after Adelstein again, putting the two quite literally in a fight to the death.

It was a fantastic one, too.

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By Reviwed by Dan Scheraga. Share story.

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Adelstein candidly details the damage Ash thornton escort his psyche and marriage. Jake Adelstein became part of the story when he became a journalist working for one of Japan's biggest newspapers.

Japanese crime gangs are much more powerful than their American counterparts because Japan lacks the racketeering laws and many other legal weapons police use to combat organized crime in the U. The yakuza has its hooks in nearly every aspect of Japanese society, and spre its influence through vast networks of legal front companies, Adelstein says.

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