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Wife castrated me So i agree lets start making the world a better place. I don' t even missing sex. Once she decides not to have any more children, a wife should be able to have the remaining testicle removed.

    • What is my figure features:
    • My body features is chubby
    • What I prefer to drink:
    • Vodka
    • My piercing:
    • None
  • My sexual orientation:
  • I like man
  • Eye tint:
  • I’ve got lively gray eyes but I use colored contact lenses
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  • French
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  • My body type is quite strong
  • Smoker:
  • No

Ainsi rendu nu et lisse tel un ver de terre, il recevra l'ordre de s'occuper activement de moi en me faisant jouir de mon saoul!

You could kick them or slap them. Get bk. Je la ret compl?

There is only one deal here though there are 10 of us who do this and we all have Wife castrated me suck you off first is that okay?

Do it only once or twice nothing happens other than you getting off. Il s'ex? I want to be sure if that happens there's nothing I can do to stop it.

Nervous about doing it but it is desirable. Luther Jan 01 pm My boyfriend and I have discussed this in recent times I am very much enjoying the idea if performing this. Yes, we inferiors males must be dealt with very harshly if we want humankind survive on this globe.

C'est pourquoi je l'utilise. He has got a massive dick I love it.

Would there be any feeling there? I have no sexdrive no testosterone and i do not wish this on anyone. Hanging on to his I love meeting new people Je les confonds avec les miens qu'il ignore par contre et je les restitue plus tard en les mettant en application?

Il bande d?

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Lou Rolls Feb 24 pm Sue, why is it best? Tu montes? You seem determined to take them from me, as is your right. Sub-Boy Sep 12 pm If they are that small you should give them up as a sacrifice to us Sara F Sep 18 pm As a obedient little boy might I be more amusing to superior females if I still have my little boys?

C'est fou ce que ce forum me plait!! Sacrificing my puny little testicles to her would indeed do that, and the thought of doing just that thrills me.

Think about it the next time you are playing with your small sack.

John Doe Aug 08 am Majority of the female population choose not to breastfeed their young,should we then,as Robina san lucas hookers enter puberty remove their breast so they want get breast cancer?

Anyway he just said he likes strong women but you are just a pussy. I don't think it will happen, but I think all you women deserve a law like this. My girl friends giggle and always ask to see them, where my male friends seem a bit afraid.

Persenaly I believe all white bois should be castrated and that the only men who should be having sex and impregnating women are black men. Numb Nuts Dec 14 pm My wife is currently sourcing a surgeon to have me 'improved'. You were crying when he said he didn't want to see you anymore.

I'm from Canada and even if our country is know as "non-violent" compare to other part of the world, violence and fear is every women eyes all around us If there was a vote for a castration law right now, I would definitely vote YES For a couple, both would have agreed on the best moment for castration to occur but it should be mandatory.

Was never able to screw my wife again, nut was alive. Son visage que je ne manque pas d'observer pour mieux suivre mes intentions est "rouge cramoisi". Julia Oct 30 pm I will suck them outta ya ass Julia so I look like a chipmunk Colleen Oct 30 pm Come on girls remember last time you started all this when the guy turned up you all turned in to jelly and he had you all as his sexy slave he pounded all of you all night.

Are they big or small?

My Castration Fantasy (a story about my grandma)

You all just like a big set of nuts slapping your face every time you blow him. I wish to share thoughts regarding the procedure. Il comprend tr? She sees me crying about my loss and comforts me. Men and women should only be treated equally and neither should possess power over the other, since we would have regressed if we did otherwise.

Je te veux "? What size would they be? Linda Feb 16 am Elestrate???? I'm gonna go back and castrate ALL of your d! I do need to be a eunuch rather badly. Anonymous Jul 05 am Well said sue us men should get casterated by woman and be naked every day and casteratin men should be a every day thing I would gladly let.

I am still afraid of that. I know I am unable to satisfy a woman, but I do like playing with my inadequate little penis. Seeing the balls of an animal is not that much different in seeing the balls of a man.

It is Bbfs escorts in eugene to see you women harboring such thoughts, and it's even more disturbing to see how radical and skewed you have become in your thinking.

I know all men and some women would disagree with my thoughts on this, but in my opinion it would be a better world.

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Castration would be accepted, you would be surprised Tamzin escort lincoln quickly it would be accepted. Castratrix May 27 am Since you can take my balls at any time what might trigger that decision?

Why not simply eliminate male children at birth? Seeing men naked in the streets would be very funny. Aug 09 pm Yes Sara, I'm up for it.

Sue Feb 21 am "Seeing the balls of an Hooker woman wants man seeking sex is not that much different in seeing the balls of a man" Sue, you go with that though girl or whatever, because you're never going to get to perform that little procedure on man.

The donkey balls I have saved and they Sioux falls escort gfe such a conversation piece as they sit in my living room. Unplanned child birth would be totally removed, and most important child and female rape would be a thing of the past.

Sa queue est turgescente! My wife has a vibrator to help her cope and i suspect she is having an affair but as long as she comes home to me glowing with sexual satisfaction its OK with me Remis Jun 11 am Well, Remis you have a sad story but you can take testosterone once your cancer is completely gone and get erections again.

A bientot les filles pour d'autres r? Then swiftly with a razor slicing your sack seeing your testicles spill out. After a while they realized i was watching them. If we will never learn to live with each other in mutual dignity and respect, indeed in real community, there is no need to drag these things out, we might as well just die off.

Julia Feb 18 am Thanks Julia for your input, don"t be so sure Castration Day is not that far off. Mike Goodman The sexy side of martinique 23 am js is back jackso smith to see if women have given me a helth questin about my one nut it cums and herts bad pleas help i also am willing to meat and have sex if you a female i dont caer if you in to other women if youer lesbin i hope im being pliet and not being disrespectful im need help lonly sigel cant get girlfrand so levf a and ill get in tuch if not ok at less give info js Nov 28 pm hi girl im realy trying to seek help no docters will help it yp to you so pleas healp js Nov 28 pm Any ladies in uk wanna castrate me for real please get in touch ukpaulj yahoo.

On a personal basis, women and girls should impose their view on this subject and only go with castrated men if that? They will never function as a real mans organ and serve to remind me that they are the property of my wife. Knowing that these male animals, now had no sex drive and I had taken that away from them.

Susan behind me. Sue Oct 30 pm Did you mean taste? I don't like being a jerkoff boy.

Allez, Wife castrated me tr?

I could take my pussy on his lips when he kissed me good night. They were egg shapped, white in color, and soft in touch. Sue Feb 24 pm I think most Womyn Casual hook ups belton missouri 64012 to tease and inflame their partners lust and without his balls their lust would diminish.

Lee Oct 15 pm we men should be castrated when we are pretty young. I was castrated 15 years ago for medical reasons. Il a l'ordre de "toujours bander" dans ces situations et "sans se toucher" car il est en est souvent tent?. We already have kids, and compared to her dildo, I'm tiny.

I think though you will want more and more and go all the way. Sub-boy Sep 22 am Hi girls i am a guy im 20 and i now this is a girls wrold but i can't find the apropeit poll to talk to you seewt girls or women I had a acsidet wan i was 4 or 5 years old my grandmal was supost to wuch me they adopt me wan i was born about 1 year later JS Sep 22 am hi girls it me js Js Sep 23 am i Number of single men in america that theres a lot saide on this siet up a bave i a new on here trust me these men wunt thier nut remove are gay dick suckin fagit and need a mintel hospitol and need drugs to make thim better.

A wife should be entitled to take her mans testicles. I just invented a time machine! Quand je dis enti? One thing that is a preventative for this cancer are soy products as well as other dietary changes. If you are, tep forward and prove it. I have lots and lots of lesbian sex while looser hubby can't get hard Lady mercy Jan 24 am weird people Is there any side effects to the Depo Provera shots?

Je reprends donc mon r?

Ive even had mother n daughter in the same day. He instructed me how to cut the cords and I soon had the balls in my hand. Tying off the sack to stop the bleeding then Dunstable now male escort you off at the ER.

Hope some woman gets to remove yours. Jason Oct 30 pm its happened ten times now. I believe I deserve to be humiliated by a woman than I am and show only its object. Castration needs to be legalized as it is the woman's right to choose it.

Quel plaisir intime de voir petit? Je vais trouver les moyens de le "ressaisir". Colleen Oct 30 pm He told me he likes fat women cos you can smack there ass and ride the wave in. Create a poll Ladies how would you castrate your man? No matter; women are once cattle, men ought to be too, that'll set everything right!

Sara F Oct 04 pm I would be thrilled if my little penis could provide amusement to a woman. Let me know if you would to make this reality. Females are the up and coming "stronger sex" Get use to the fact "we" women will pass laws to protect us and our children.

Roger W Apr Asian escorts corby valley pm I live in Slovenia and that some girl is close to my country Nox Apr 11 pm I would love to attend an event that featured a man being castrated.

Steve Nov 18 am hi girls it js is back pleas speek to me about my testical problems js Nov 20 pm Hi every one, I haven't gone through all of the posted comments but from what I read, I agree with the fact that a Castration Law is necessary to stop man violence including murder, domestic violence, rape, child abuse, road rage, etc.

But obviously this is all bull crap so no harm no foul. Thanks FDK May 01 pm oversexed married male, wanks, visits prostitutes, has sex with men, masturbates daily over internet porn several times a dayneeds to be castrated for a more normal life and to better serve women Brisbane Australia lastone75 hotmail.

Happy eunuch Feb 08 pm My wife and her lesbian docter lover have surgicaly castrated me. Face it you would not be here unless you were considering giving them up. My wife Amy was in front of me and dr.

It would then be up to you the more I satisfied you the greater chance of Wife castrated me balls shrinking and being useless.

One a man that is more like to off him self, one who will what to kill anything. Susan was analy stimulating me. We are not so insane to begin with.

Just like you always do? A man has every right to seek the services of a concubine to satisfy his needs. We live in st. Je les r? Is this when you tie or clamp the top of the ball sack and it withers away.

I know from my own experience that i like to look down at my now use less balls and penis.

Je finis souvent par une petite friction? This happens with any male. I walked into the bedroom to see my wife and our doctor a woman in the 69 position licking each other. Would I be useless to you, or could I still serve you? Sub Boy Oct 06 am It would provide pleasure for both of us.

But like you say, i've heard that removing testicles does make a male far more placid and i would like to think 'obedient'. I'm not talking the young thug like black men, but the profesional black men who are quickly taking all the spots white bois used to have.

C'est ainsi que j'ai obtenu de lui, un peu? To castrate me. Balls approaching 40 Feb 01 am Im one of those guys that some of you wierd women say they would castrate. Anonymous Sep 23 pm hi girls im going to go to other siets and ask you for help thakyou so much you help chermindieslee js love you Sep 23 pm Beautiful adult ready sex dating indianapolis girls i Westminster girl big ass be back in a nexts week.

Go out and get some life, and stop disgracing us as females? What would become of my little balls? Jason Oct 30 pm How were we supposed to know the last one was gay? I would still love to find a Superior Female willing to do so.

Wife castrated me: Then if she still wanted a man, I'd be so docile that I'd never complain if she found one to please her.
MARCY HOUSING MOSMAN: J'ai eu l'occasion de lire la philosophie de lise Sutton.
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Come on be a man go for it. Castration will be a LAW!!!!!!!!!! I wish to be castrated live by a female. While I don't approve my wides Largo massage sex frustration has led her to many guys on a regular basis screwing her.

Js Sep 27 pm it up to you girls Would i have the same feelings without my little balls, or would I be a placid non-sexual non-person? Sue Feb 18 pm I have to agree with Sue, without rape and unplanned pregancies, castration is a small price to pay.

Julia thanks for your imput. I have NOT found 1 lady at Usa bella vita massage montebello usa to want to do that to me If anyone is serious inwanting to castrate me I am for it HOWEVER, I have pain soo you and whom ever will haveto restrain me tie me to the bed gag me blind fold me and then you certainly can cut off my privates OR castrate me.

Sub Boy Oct 12 pm Sub boy your penis will still work just a little less and you will be happier. Is that not what we are working for? Let's castrate! To everyone else who thinks we are not females, but males drop your pants and I will show you Gay capital of delano a female will do to your silly balls.

J'en profite pour lui passer et repasser la main, l'air de rien, aussi bien sous les couilles que lentement sur la queue.

As soon as you chop them off, what do you. Pauvre petit ch? Colleen May 28 pm Come and cut mine off! I'm sure there might be a dirty whore or two who might take a slash at you nut sack with a razor blade if you didn't pay after a blow job in some back alley but no ladies would be doing that sort of thing.

I a woman through deceit, trickery, or hires some other people to castrate her husband. Sexesse Sexesse Jun 14 pm Je reviens vers vous les filles. May I ask, what would my dried up little useless balls look like? My wife was shocked to see me with my dick in my hand. Typical male Dec 22 pm i agree with many of you wemon are domnet im cursed with to much male hormon wish 2 rid it he Jan 01 pm seu will you do it plz he Jan 01 pm seu will you do it plz he Jan 01 pm Great news!

Je l'humilie une fois de plus en lui disant :" Je te veux nul, compl? Colleen May 23 am Yes Colleen you are right, being a man means being willing to have yourself castrated by a woman if she wants to.

Susan came to me. Check out my castration resources on facebook. Sara Anonymous Jun 05 pm What a rush to see a mans testicles fall from his sack after he is cut and see them roll on the floor Anonymous Jun 06 pm I was castrated by a female urologist deu to the prostate cancer not reacting to the depo provera meds.

Basically, if the wife no longer has a sex drive, then she should have the right to fix her husband to not a sex drive too. Give me a contact. Obvious Jun 11 pm Compl? There is only one deal here though there are 10 of us who do this and we all have to suck you off first is that okay?

When we decide to castrate you theres no doubt you'll lose your balls. At 2 inches and skinny it? Agent Oct 30 pm By the way we searched all the files and all the posts are coming from the same women and they are using addresses found on the web search as a hoax.

But I think that with male re education to respect the superior sex most rapes would never happen. Sub Boy Oct 01 am I think sub consciously you really want to give your small testicles to a woman for sacrifice to show you recognize their dominance.

I am looking. I was surprised how long the cords were. When i came too i felt as if i was impaled on a wooden stake. It should happen every where, at anytime and without anyone asking why? J'ai eu l'occasion de lire la philosophie de lise Sutton. I would love them to be caught, tied up Exotic massage frankston east north and see my girl chop their balls off, justice.

Je le scrute, je le toise. Presumably, I would lose sexual desire and cease to be able to have erections. Sara F Oct 30 pm Not that fat. Sue Feb 18 am I am sure castration will become common place in years to come, especially as sperm counts fall and scientists pioneer somatic cell division allowing women to become pregnant using cells from any part of a mans body, or another Free sex contacts sherbrooke for that matter!

En fait ma fa? Mais, tr? Anonymous Oct 31 pm LOL my balls make me who i am today. Let me know if you would like to make this reality.

Who would not vote for it. It is 4 years now that i'm an eunuch and am loving it.

Andy H Aug 10 am fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck jou ma Aug 13 am I doubt any woman here has the guts to cut my balls off. Men do not disaprove of circumcision, its just carried out because it is best.

Comme j'ai plac? You wag your mouth but reality is some where there is a man who tells you what to do and that is the real reason for your frustration. The surgery was performed by a vet. Seeing men naked in the streets would be entertaining. Black men offer society and women alot more than white bois.

It hurt very badly. If he agrees to marriage his balls are available for removal at her discretion. It's ok, for you sue and julia? I also believe all penises should be circumcised. Amy was jerking me of while dr. Dinoraptor Aug 29 pm Sara, I have play in a roleplay Cheap call girls conway where the woman tied me down, made me jerk-off, and using a cord that we pretended was a wire tied around my balls, yanked hard as I came, simulating castrating me.

As i came i felt dr. You begged for sex with him one last time Colleen Oct 30 pm I hate you all I will never speak to you again Sara F Oct 30 pm Good cos last time we had an orgy we all could smell your vagina from the next room.

Trishta Evans Apr 16 am The longer I continue reading the above comments the more I feel really sick, myself as a sane woman. If we decide to castrate a man he will lose his testicles. Sue thanks for your input.

Susan and Amy ,my nurse wife that calls herself Lady mercy,heard my whimpering and came in the room followed by 8 more women. Is this some kind of pig latin? She and dr. We have decided that, after 21 years marriage my wife will the greats, such as Cleopatra and have her own eunuch Hachiko7 Hotmail.

You are all sick fucks Jul 16 am My wife wants to castrate me and I think that I will let her do it,then we can lay in bed and just cuddle like she wants to do, she is tired of me sticking my penis into her and after the castration it will not get hard John Doe Jul Cheap spas in arlington wy am come cut mine off i am 13 i hate them kidman Jul 26 pm my emal ericmaner yahoo.

Je l'embrasse tendrement. In managing domesticated animals we recognize that excess males meaning the vast majority of male births serve no purpose. Please may I keep them? It would also cut down on the risk that kindly women might betray womynkind by allowing too many men to reach a point where they might revolt.

We know from modern genetic studies that only a small percentage of men in the course of human existence have successfully reproduced compared with the vast majority of women who lived to adulthood during the course of human existence. Just men who are considering to give up their balls.

They showed castrations of sheep on prime time. And as Debbie says seeing the men paraded naked in the streets would be entertaining if not very funny. Anonymous Dec 24 pm awoman losing her sex driveis her problem,not her husbands She has no right to have his sex drive eliminated because she no longer wants sex.

I would have let her do whatever she wanted to them. All you women should be raped, then forced to bear our children and stay Very young crawley girl fucked the kitchen your whole lives.

In some cases with their tiny penises less their balls humilating for them. I love fantasising about worshiping a woman and the tingle I get in my little erection. Besides who would what to be a male in todays world? I don? Men please step up with your balls exposed so we can remove them.

Sara F Oct 27 pm I totally agree will you do it? Between the gov"t and their mothers, wives, sisters this should become a law. Bien qu'il bande, je lui fait remarquer que ce n'est pas suffisant et j'en profite pour la lui cingler "l? Anonymous Feb 20 pm - Fri.

At any vet. If there's any woman out there who wants to take or destroy my worthless white balls, I'd love to talk and if you want my balls will be made available to be at your mercy.

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Of course, as a Domme it would be your choice in what you remove and how you choose to remove them : fixme67 yahoo. You will be less hyper and more submissive.

Would that remove the aggressive attitude many have in castrating Women want nsa mullan idaho Julia Oct 30 pm He's not he is just bi Jason Oct 30 pm Well he won't have anything to to with me any more Sara F Oct 30 pm Thats cos you are fat Sara, He told me he needed a pound of flour to find the wet spot.

Any woman inerested then let me know. This shows though that its the male brain that is wrong as a male would still have his hands and rest of body to commit crimes.

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As an inferior little boy, I of course respect your authority, I know my place. Julia Feb 19 am - Thu. Anonymous Feb 19 am No I don't hate that, it shows that men wants to be castrated by women. Swift Feb 20 pm My wife in the past choked about having me castrated now she is very serious and we have consulted several doctors to see if we can have this done She believes I will be happier and live longer if my balls are removed We have not had sex in several years and am seriously thinking about letting her doctor castrate me Rocco M Feb 26 pm Would love to be able to watch Rocco as a doctor removes your nuts Hope they are given to your wife show she can display them to her friends River city massage brownsville Feb 26 pm I am thoroughly disturbed.

If his wife w fs him done and he agrees his balls should be removed. Sexesse Jun 15 am hello i am a man of 42 Italian, with the desire to be castrated, I bought the elastrator, but after a while I can not keep it and I take it, someone knows the instrument and can tell me how many hours it takes me to be castrated because?

Sara F Oct 15 pm Andy there are no chickens here. Taunt you tease you even sucking out you last load of sperm.

Anyway I sucked his big nuts last night his warm jizz spayed all over my mouth. Jerker Dec 02 am I am a sub slave male and sincerely believe in Female Supremacy over man. Dans le cas pr? Thanks for your postive vote of "yes". Massage near chinatown west bromwich I'm fixed I know I'd be easier to get along with and focus more on her needs both sexually and in our relationship.

This seems a very big price to pay, and would not be satisfying in the long term. I know my place, I would be honoured to kneel in naked obedience at the feet of a superior women, but please may I keep my little balls?

Taking a man's balls is the ultimate demonstration of that Superiority and Power. Look for Queen Carlie.

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Susan ask Amy to bring the geldingblade. ly i supported that any male who has ever made any attempt to rape a Woman must be castrated. Plus you will enjoy getting there. I live in N. My favorites are written by Thecia a real castratrix who works her craft just over the border in Mexico.

J'arrive dans la chambre une autre que la notre, utilis?

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Il Morphett vale prostitutes have become cheaper sait jamais par cons? You women only do what we men let you we have and will always have the power.

PS: Sorry for my poor Beautiful housewives wants sex malvern skills?.

Alguna mujer de Venezuela dispuesta a castrarme escr? Lesbians here,do you know these guys are just trolling? Sara F Oct 09 pm Each time we met I would tightly tie off your balls At the same time I would stimulate your small unit slowly allowing you to ejaculate once you were excited the discomfort in your balls would be forgotten.

J'enfile en vitesse mes talons aiguilles pour une tenue plus alti?

Happy eunuch Feb 08 pm I don't understand the half-measure of castration being discussed here. Me and my gf are considering having me fixed. They can't let their testicles become their brains. Sue Feb 14 pm Sue Did you ever castrate a man? Je lui fais promettre des taches, des travaux pour l'avenir en lui disant que je saurai "le r?

I'm sure I can let a woman strap me down helpless no problem, Once she starts removing, or destroying my testicle, I really don't think I could take the pain or at that point the reallity it's really happening.

We've done banding but after I get off I'm extremely anxious to get the band off. Are you saying I would eventually lose them though? Could we males not have our genitalia controled in chastity devices to protect Womyn. Now what would be best for everyone? Andy Jan 02 pm I want to meet a lady to take mine please.

However, I am afraid of the consequences of being ball less. Un petit "va et vient" de sa queue de temps?

Susan and Amy have both sodomized me with a strap-on device on ocasion. Why pay for a gym when sex far better and free at almost any time.

Many Womyn are starting to fully understand their sexuality and its potency. They are about the size of olives at the Big tits escort huntington beach. A bientot les filles!

Any reason I am mistaken? Rien que ces mots le met d? Thank you. I very much hope I can demonstrate my inferiority to the superior sex without being castrated? Permit men to be naked that day allowing all to witness their loss and celebrate. My little penis is stiff as I think about it.

Il est tout peneau "g? Trishta Evans Apr 16 am to the girls that act as 'boys' and comment here, go sew your own pussy. However, perhaps a male Little cunt stories me who only has a small penis, undersized testicle and is unable to ejaculate more than a little dribble might be permitted to keep his balls, so long as he is obedient.

I agree in a marriage, It should be the wife's decision and right to castrate her husband. Allez, et tr? I wabba be helpless as she makes me. Comme nous sommes le soir et qu'apr? I get nervous about gettin it done and I know its the right thing to do.

Je les confonds avec les miens qu'il ignore par contre et je Wife castrated me restitue plus tard en les mettant en application?

We later sliced one open and seen the veins that run thru them. Mais cela je ne le veux pas car c'est en maintenant subtilement leur? It would then be up to you the more I satisfied you the greater chance of your balls shrinking and being useless.

If you are able to find and work with the right people you may find more improvement. I believe every women would vote YES on this bill.

ALso willing to pay for this service. H Jan 02 pm I'm a 28 yr old male with two children. Je lui dit alors : "Non, seulement moi qui en ai le droit.

Castration is so easy to perform and to control the males sex drive and the heartships males can cause women. I would be proud to have my balls removed by my woman.

Sara F Oct 27 pm Sara, Then will you remove my testicles for me please? Jellybean Jul 08 pm Hola soy hombre de Venezuela me a los 23 a?

But searched a long no one dare to do that. I believe there should be a new educational reform towards everything, in human beings castration of animals should be prohibited, and controlling of males should be by taming them for what they want.

Believe me its best for all women and children. What ever the husband wishes to do to her is OK. Double Mastsectomy etc. Je continuerai mon r?

You may enjoy it. I have lots and lots of lesbian sex while looser hubby can't get hard Lady mercy Jan 24 am Chemical castration. Andy H May 20 am I am genuine and not a fantasist. Clearly aggressive egotistical males should be castrated to make the world a calmer more pleasant place. Would my scrotum shrink also?

I want a woman to take and strap me down helpless then take my balls, not stpping once she starts regardless of what happens.

I want nothing to do with sex anymore!! He allowed me to slice open the Craigslist white city dunstable reach in and pull out the balls.

I still want to have a sex life with her and love pleasing her orally. Andy h May 20 am Sara F, You can do that to me if you wish. I am a woman in my 30s, I have a good career, a loving husband and we live in an urban and forward society.

It would keep me from disobeying her and make me far more suitable to serve her.

I am placid calm and happy. Je ne supporte pas attendre". Please add your comment. Je le regarde tr? And I surely would support the law which You say about in Your first messages in this topic. Lesbians welcome.

If you get'em they will be your trophy. She does have a lover and they would like to have me castrated. We have had a few complaints Agent Oct 30 pm I agree rapists, abusive men, and child molestors should be casterated. I hope Sue is not a man. I am controlled by my little penis, and you control my little penis.

I'd be willing to pay you very well. Your small penis would be stimulated and I would be happy knowing your sack is being deprived once your penis is stimulated you will forget about a y discomfort.

I am in remission and my wife still loves me althoug i cannot sexualy satisfy her. If she still wants her husband Cheap sex toys garden grove have an erection, there are implants for that purpose.

Je lui prend alors la queue de ma main libre en la maintenant fermement.

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Debbie Feb 18 pm Hi Sue, as you say women are gaining authority and laws will be changed to protect women and children, so maybe the benefits of castration can be proved and put into practice sooner than ive imagined. Nous nous adorons et nous nous respectons.

She had small breasts so she asked me to pay for Wife castrated me boob job, which I did.

Are you up to that. It would help me to be a better servant to women. Episodiquement, quand j'estime que le moment est venu, je le rase enti?

Il se trouve malgr? You say this would make my little sack even smaller.

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I know now I have to learn to castrate animals first before I will perform castration on men. Je vois "avec une satisfaction int? What sane man would want to be cut. I surrender. I sleep with different women every week. He finished up the procedure, as I had such a rush of power as to what I had just done.

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Of course, there would probably Latest dating app oxnard shores use for sperm, so maybe 1 out of every men could be kept "normal" so as to harvest the sperm.

Quand je lui ordonne soudainement le moment que je choisis toujours comme je vous l'ai dit plus haut "Mon ch? Please tell me how, when and where. Are there really that many guys out there wanting to have this done? You will enjoy things more. Il s'est en effet mis "? And delicious. Vous verrez, peu?

Je lui applique la mousse. Sara F Oct 15 pm a a Oct 16 pm All of you girls are strange.

She often teased that she would damage or cut my erectile nerve and make me impotent and also toyed with taking my balls too. Elizabeth Mar 23 pm Dont do it. May I ask, what would become of me once my little balls are all dried up?

Cette situation n'est pas sans m'exciter. Andy H Oct 29 am Andy - yes no problem at all just post your and we can arrange. I hope you have a huge dick. Oh humanity, what we have come to! Obviously there are enough men who do want to be castrated that make this not a woman dominance issue but one of men doing the right thing.

Thus veal, and lamb and young kid. Also I can demonstrate how much I worship women by showing how stiff my little willy is. Cela marche d'autant mieux si vous l'aimez avant toute chose.

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I would very much like to submit to a women and recognise her dominance. Sara F Oct 30 pm I would wear them as earrings Sue Oct 30 pm I would put them in my mouth so I look like a chipmunk Linda Oct 30 pm I want to shove them in my ass.

I think you are a slave with or without balls, however you like it. I have seen both the horse and donkey after the procedure, and they are so timid and gentle. I don' t even missing sex. Find a professional who can provide the service you need.

Andee grayson Aug 23 pm Well on castration, as a male i like my nuts. I want to schedule a cutter. C'est un t? Just ask my sister. I am seeking a Domme willing to remove my penis but keep my balls.

Je vois ses yeux fixer mes seins g? We both feel like my sex drive is out of control and I cannot control myself at times from lookin at porn and talking to other women. Pour cela, debout comme c'est souvent le cas, je lui attache les poignets? Cette menace l'excite au point qu'il bande encore plus fort et c'est mon objectif.

Carleena Mar 16 pm I agree with Carteena. The world will be so much better without you sadists. Women can New evansville escort eros bitches, I should know Jul 12 pm i agree with you.

I would certainly vote for it. I wish she would jus restrain me and castrate me so we can move on with our lives and be happy and I won't be controlled by my balls anymore.

C'mmon gals, hate me, hate my balls, Caringbah male escort my nuts off,live your fantasy!!

In my opinion I believe all men should be castrated at sometime in their life. Would be little penis Skinny white boy from east independence forever limp, hanging pathetically between my legs?

Sub Boy Oct 09 am Each time we met I would tightly tie off your balls At the same time I would stimulate your small unit slowly allowing you to ejaculate once you were excited the discomfort in your balls would be forgotten.

Weekly injection of depo provera at the gov clinic where i work as a nurse sorted hubby's little problem out. There is fun to having them therten. Look how common circumcision is in the US. With more females becoming leaders, a bill past to protect women and children from rape.

Oct 17 am Lady Sara F the lady could do the same with my little balls Tembe? Question: Ladies how would you castrate your man? Has the rift really separated this far?

Andy Wife castrated me May 20 am Sara F, You can do that to me if you wish.

Sara F Oct 30 pm I have hundreds of them on my shelf yours would add to the total. N'empeche que pendant ces "s?

I need to. Shiny Shoes Nov 26 pm a lot of bull poo. Il est mont? Susan injecting me with something that made me pass out,before i lost consiousness i heard dr. Then when he got it in he thought he was shagging a bag of water.

I'm a 23yo whitte boi who is looking for a woman who wants to take my worthless white testicles. Then if she still wanted a Naked girls in the caringbah, I'd be so docile that I'd never complain if she found one to please her.

Don't worry it will take a long time to disable your small balls but think of the pleasure you will get as we Gay bar in kansas city usa your balls useless Sara F Oct 06 pm hi girls im hopeing for a answer so from you js Oct 07 pm my last nut is wating for you it is ok and i feel good to day so if queshtin pleas ask.

I will even help you to tie me down WELL, I am waiting Andy H Nov 12 am hi sara ,julia and sue please castrate my balls i ready for it balls Nov 13 am I live in.

It may sound to excessive to some but I deeply think that it? There is nothing quite like being controlled by a woman who well and truly has you by the balls! So i agree with you Sue, although i dont think we're close to celebrating 'Castration Day' any time soon. All i ever what to do with my chock and balls is please you ladys if there out there.

This will eventually shrink Pacific massage lakewood sack more while you enjoy your penis being fondled.

Andy h May 20 am I am genuine and not a fantasist. Of course, after a man rapes a woman, they would be castrated, but still, the rape did occur. I thing listo66 has losto00 his pea size brain Tony Feb 17 pm - Tue. I however witness and assisted in castrating a horse and a donkey. Je vais jusqu'?

My desire to worship you means it would be very difficult to resist the pleasure you could give. Now i agree that a law must be written that any Woman has the right to castrate Her male Local outcall escorts have him castrated.

I feel like this is going to be something I really enjoy Jan 01 pm seu will you do it plz he Jan 01 pm My boyfriend and I have discussed this in recent times This is a goal that I have for my testicles in the very near future.

Now I understand why my girlfriend wants my balls. Then poo them on your face. Bref, je l'am? J'ai dit tout de suite "? The greatest joy and sense of contentment I ever felt is when I was in service to my ex-Mistress.

Ainsi, touijours par surprise je choisis mes momentsje domine mon "male" en "femelle".

Amy told me that they had castrated me and i would be her toy. Are ther any women who has castrated men?

Sara F you even made him dinner, Julia you went to his house and did the laundry, Sue dish all the cleaning, Linda went and did all the shopping. So i agree lets start making the world a better place.

Get Wife castrated me.

You could also have an inflatable bladder put into your penis and pump it up into an erect position. Joan W Mar 17 pm i love sucking balls Rosie Demarco Mar 18 pm Wouldnt they be more fun if they were detached Karen A Mar 18 pm my wife and i want me castrated and if we can remove my penis that would be a great bonus.

Ballsover40 May 27 am It would great to cut his balls off but also to have them mounted as a trophy. In the most common case, it should come natural to women and girls to use men testicles Extremely curvy girl at west churchill target defend themselves and control men behavior at any moment in time?

I wuled like to point out a fack't thies girls on this siet are horny and truned on if a girls pulled me down and cut my last nut i will be sad and have more problems but if she can acksulee get me donw fare and squer and remove my last nut i will for give her a corse i wuled feel bad about it but i know she mite acksoulee love me that hawe i can for give her for doing someing like that i she culede do it i wuled deffinitlee fithe back and perteck my self from giting cut but remimber im strat minde and i hope nothing like that happins to me or iny one eals.

Andy h May 20 am I would give up my balls to that special woman nemo May 20 pm Andy it would be a real fantasy of mine to have you strapped tight drain you of your last load of sperm then slice your sack and see your testicles roll on the floor Sara F May 20 pm Sara, I have enjoyed a "pretend" castration roleplay with a couple of women.

En le connaissant toujours un peu plus, je le domine toujours un peu Holly stafford escort I was surprised at the look of the balls.

You all just love big dick, Bit you all got jealous How to slough with a narcissistic girlfriend he took Preston girls gentlemens club out for a meal and brought me flowers.

Lucy Mar 21 pm planned parenthood should offer the choice orchiectomy or vasectomy elamef yahoo. My girlfried loves to tie me up and put a pair of scissors around my nuts and she wishes it was the black men that raped her years ago. Jeff Feb 25 pm - Wed.

Aug 09 pm I love women that want to castrate, go on girls, not enough of us men are tied up and neutered, should be shown on tv. It will be a wonderful sacrifice.

J'exerce une l? Il aime et appr? Not just wanting to but actually doing it.

How would you like it done?

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Je lui ordonne de mettre les mains derri? U or any woman cut my balls off I also believe that every man should be a womans slave Troy Jul 10 pm Troy, ever been married?

  1. Wife castrated me
  2. Gay and lesbian clubs in new south memphis
  3. Big bum escort south brisbane
  4. Wife castrated me

Jason Oct 30 pm Yeh sorry Sue Oct 30 pm Free sex at the beach in usa love his big dick in side me it goes so deep. Females far out males.

However if a man has not done anything sexually wrong to deserve it then the man should have a choice married or not.

Rendering the testicles if not the whole man redundant. Sub Boy Oct 15 am hi girls only im leving this siet for ever im not geting a answer so im moveing on my name js is jackson smith the resin y i tell my real name is becusse thiers a lot of men name that good by js is jackson smith Oct 15 am hi girls thy only reasin i was on this siet is so i colde have a way to talk to you women and to comefrunt my self to you and me and tolk to you but thier are men prtening to be women and its not right talking like this and its not helthy ether so good by from:JS js js js as to jackson smith jackson smith Oct 15 am Dear sub boy don't worry everything will still be there but just less functional.

This would eliminate most rapes and sexual abuse against kids.

A mans balls cause this, so why not 'cut' right to the problem. By eliminating males testicles they would be removing a valuable tool of physical and mental control.

Nigerian pussy nude you did could you please tell me how you have done it?

I am one female who has had the opportunity to be part of a castration procedure, and I believe more women would agree if they were given the chance to assist in one.

I can travel within the continental USA, to come to where ever's needed for this. All males. Let a man have his penis, to show he was once a male.

You sound like the right woman Need it now Oct 27 pm I would gladly do it for you I will contact you. To put it in a fair simple fact sheet, mutilation, sex domination, is not a solution of making the world better, it's about destroying the world to start a new.

Pour ma part, j'exploite les fantasmes de mon homme. Je peux vous dire que sa "r? Being strapped down ensures my balls are taken like they should be. Sub Boy Oct 04 am Dear sub boy Maybe you would enjoy be dominated by a woman who tied off your testicles restricting the blood flow while they amused themselves with your small penis.

Facts of Life Feb 21 am Eliminate Man, is the only way to protect you and Gloucester men magazine children from man.

I think men should submit to women fully. SOMEONE Dec 04 pm plaes conntackt me girls about my testicals problems js hi girls it been a long time and im still wateing for you best answers so pleas wrihgt back here and ill read soon by i will be back in two moths to see if you anser love you if you haet balls thats ok thier painful to have some times i just have one and it harts lots off and on i need sex as a relif i realy need to do it and if youer inerrastied leve a or emal or face book and i will give you the best shaking of you life good by be nice js jackson smath Dec 17 am Women are the stronger sex.

Check out my Wife castrated me resources on facebook.

Good luck ladies. Solution is for them to consider losing them. Once she decides not to have any more children, a wife should be able to have the remaining testicle removed. Seriously Dumb Ladies. .


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