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Subscribe to Thrillist Daily. Every road trip let's just make that every day is doomed to failure without a decent breakfast. The Oregon Trail Interpretative Center in Oregon City is the final destination of the trail, and a most fitting end to your trip, but Washington's Fort Vancouver National Historic Site -- a replica in the original location -- is also worth a look.

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Need some perspective after a long day in the car? You have some time to kill.

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West of Douglas, look for Natural Bridge Rd. The drive to Casper was short, so take some time at the National Historical Trails Interpretive Center, which features simulated wagon and stagecoach rides.

Today, the southern route provides awesome views of, and access to, Mt.

Hood National Forest. Every westward migrant prior to the construction of the first transcontinental railroad, Richmond amatur pornpassed through this mile gap in the Rockies.

While the host of diseases and other calamities that beset these hardy souls are pretty much wiped out, the jaw-dropping landscapes and pristine forests they traversed remain, and are a whole lot more hospitable these days, thanks to some modern pioneers of food, drink, and lodging.

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Not only is it considered the most ificant Oregon Trail site in the state, as an emigrant camp and water supply, but it also marks the border between the tall-grass prairie of Eastern Kansas and the short-grass Great Plains.

The final item on the itinerary?

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We've rounded up the coolest spots, natural and man-made, that you need to hit along the way. Also, take in views of Flagstaff Hill, the first landmark of the Blue Mountains -- and imagine how that felt on a prairie schooner.

Take in Hilgard Junction and Emigrant Springs state parks, then head into Pendleton, where the Oregon Trail and modern-day I finally turned west after a grueling ascent.

By ing up, I agree to the Terms and Privacy Policy. By Nick McGregor.

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But don't expect many fellow travelers until you re the modern world at I into Douglas and the Wyoming Pioneer Memorial Museum. Pause for reflection at Three Island Crossing State Park in Glenns Ferry, where settlers faced a totally un-winnable coin toss: cross Snake River -- no mean feat, it's deep -- for better grass and easier access to water and do it again at Fort Boiseor stick with barren, more difficult conditions.

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What are those? The overland alternative to that journey down the Columbia River, past Mt. Hood to Fort Vancouver -- Barlow Road -- opened in the s to much rejoicing.

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From there, turn west on US Highway From here, stay on US Highway 30 I is faster, but Near Bayard, take a quick detour on County Road 75 to get an up-close look at Chimney Rock National Historic Site they called them as they saw them back thenfollowed by a sunset swing through the majestic Scotts Bluff National Monument.

Come along for the ride!

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Did we say these people were hardy? Make Fun. Thrillist Serves.

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If you want to be down with the Boise cool kids, find them at Hotel 43or combine your libations and your room for the night at The Modern Hotel and Bar. In Baker City, make sure to pull off at the Oregon Trail Interpretative Center for a well-curated exhibit dedicated to emigrant life.

Echo's Umatilla, John Day, and Deschutes river crossings were mere practice runs for The Dalles, where pioneers had to turn their wagons into rafts -- because it had been just too easy until that point. Next up, stop at the Raft River Crossing, which marked the Parting of the Ways between the Oregon and California Trails, and where the Bureau of Land Etobicoke backpage has enshrined 7 miles of original wagon trail.

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  5. Our gun was firing illumination rounds, popping them into the sky just over the north berm.

Next, check out The National Frontier Trails Museum near Independence Square -- the traditional start of the Oregon Trail -- as you ponder the enormity of what you're about to undertake.

One of the biggest Oregon Trail landmarks west of Fort Laramie, it is inscribed with thousands of still-visible emigrant names from years ago. Follow sushi at Sumisu with live music at Portneuf Valley Brewing, then break a cardinal road trip rule by backtracking, just a few miles, to McCammon for a stay at the vintage-cool s Harkness Hotel.

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Before you re I for the final stretch west, check out the Tamusatlik Cultural Institute, which commemorates peaceful interactions between the area's Native Americans and settlers.

Stop off at Belvue's Vieux Cemetery, where 50 migrants who succumbed to an early cholera outbreak are buried.

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Raise a glass to the hundreds of thousands who braved one of the most grueling journeys of the 19th century -- all so you could do it in five comfortable days instead of You did it!

Next time you are tempted to sigh, " Are we there yet ," from a reclinable seat of some description, consider that between the s and s, an estimatedmigrants crossed the Rocky Mountains to claim recently-relinquished thanks Britain!

Take in the Fort Hall Replica Museum, which started as a fur-trading post before evolving into a supply post for the Oregon and California Trails, then turn west on I toward American Falls.

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